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22 Apr 2016

Dale is a highly experienced professional machinist with more than 25 years in precision impact testing of prototype weapons parts for various US small arms manufacturers. He is experienced in competitive short and long range match shooting. He is a former member of the National Bench Rest Shooting Association (NBRSA), the National Tactical Shooting Association (NTSA), and the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association, and he holds the FCSA 1996 world record for 1,000-yard .50 caliber BMG rifle. EliteIron has extensive tooling including CNC lathes and mills with equipment designed to deliver the best quality suppressors, muzzle brakes, and system solutions possible.

Dale loves our AIM lubricant. These are some of his quotes:

I shot 797 rounds using PlanetSafe AIM and the gun performed flawlessly with no hiccups or jams at all. I would say to all shooters that they really need to try this stuff because you are not going to believe how well your gun is going to function. This stuff is absolutely amazing. It goes everywhere that it needs to go.

PlanetSafe AIM is absolutely unbelievable. I will give you a quick rundown. My gun started getting really, really dirty after about 450 rounds. You could actually see the carbon build up on the bolt carrier. I put one drop of AIM on the bolt head just a single drop the gun functioned the rest of the day. It never slowed down, it never hiccupped, it never jammed.

When you can take a lubricant you have already installed on your firearm and then add to it without any ill effects that is a very positive thing. Most lubricants require cleaning your firearm before you can add lubricant that is not the case with AIM.

The firearms industry is really huge and everybody has a wiz bang lubricant. I have tried so many of them people are always saying to me that this new lubricant is great give it a try. Unfortunately some of the stuff out there is real garbage.

I took the AIM in the needle tip applicator with me to a shoot in North Carolina. I was shooting two gas guns and neither of them hiccupped or jammed. I was happy about that because no one wants a gun to jam or go down when you are demonstrating special operations.

When Dale shoots he represents EliteIron, Ruag Ammotec, Op’s 2, and Tridentis Tactical. Dale uses JP gear in his shooting.