19 May 2016
  Jim McCune at Interwest Rebuilders in St George, Utah was introduced to PlanetSafe AIM by a mechanic friend. At Interwest they rebuild starters and alternators. Jim immediately adopted AIM to pull bearings off shafts, to press bearings on shafts, to loosen nuts and bolts, to apply before they put together nuts and bolts, and as a cutting oil for drilling. He says he gets great results – not too messy, virtually no smell, doesn’t seem to follow him around the shop, lasts a long time, and they really like it. Prior to using AIM they used PB Blaster and Zep 45 products. While they provided decent results they are messy and they tend to go through a lot of it, whereas with AIM a little bit goes a long way and gives great results. He also reports that he likes the non-aerosol applicator because it is less messy. With aerosols they are messy and get all over the place. Jim also says he has found AIM to be very useful in drilling broken bolts out of housings, even bolts as small as 10/24 with just a drop or two of AIM and the drill goes through it quickly and the bits stay sharp. As you can tell Jim has become a real advocate for AIM.