Outworks virtually all toxic aerosol products
AIM outperforms WD-40® hands down!
Save the environment and your health by switching to AIM Lube today.
CAGE Code: 7B6R8 DUNS: 849919779 NAICS: 324191/325998 PCS: 9150

What is AIM good for? The better question is have you found anything AIM doesn’t work for? Because we sure haven’t. And believe me we have tried to find something AIM doesn’t work on. And it works better than any other product we’ve used…and with no smell…how do you do it? Our boating customers love AIM.

Downwind Marine
Shelter Island, San Diego


AIM replaces all of the toxic and hazardous aerosol products you are currently using. It penetrates bolts faster, leaving a protective lubricant behind. It is more than a solvent. It is attracted to heat. You can apply AIM while the components like the O2 sensor, manifold or bolts are hot from the vehicle running or by using a torch. As the part cools, AIM penetrates like a solder joint, it can penetrate a bolt about an inch and a half in 15 minutes. You will rarely break a bolt once you start using AIM. If you think you need to put WD-40® on a part – use AIM instead and you will be amazed.


Top machine shops, metal working shops, and manufacturers are now turning to AIM. AIM reduces wear and tear on bits, blades, reamers, threaders and much more. Because of the bonding action AIM significantly reduces galling. This extends tool life considerably. It not only works as a cutting fluid, it also will lubricate your equipment and protect from rust and corrosion. With virtually no smell it won’t follow you around the shop or home. Try it on your air tools – you will like the result. In addition to maintaining all of your tools you can wipe AIM on all metal surfaces to keep them clean and much easier to clean after the first application.


Not only does AIM remove rust and corrosion while leaving a protective coating, it works under water. Think of the safety issue alone. Most products have a pretty serious warning label like Flammable, Explosive, Fatal if Swallowed, Do Not Use In Enclosed Spaces etc. The last we checked most boats are enclosed spaces. So why not do what the majority of the marine industry in San Diego has done. Switch to AIM Lube. You can even use it on your fishing gear. Just ask Point Loma Sportsfishing what lube they use for themselves and their fleet of commercial fishing vessels.


AIM Lube is a premier gun lubricant. A little goes a long way. Take a look at some of the quotes below. In just one week AIM Lube became the #1 gun lube at The Gun Range in San Diego. Less spalling, less carbon buildup, far quicker cleaning, no more rust and corrosion, it has virtually no smell and will not add toxic substances to the blowback. Do you live and hunt where winters are real and cold temperatures can be a problem? No problem. AIM works great in extreme temperatures and it does not attract dust or dirt. It’s been tested to well below -40 degrees. It does not gum up!

How to Buy AIM Lube

Now is the time to try AIM Lube. Not only will you get a better result but you will be saving your own health and the health of the environment. AIM is a bio-synthetic lubricant that is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and has virtually no smell. Depending on your application it can be very long-lasting. Once you try AIM on just about any metal-on-metal job you will probably never go back to that toxic aerosol product you were using before. Choose your size below.

AIM Lube 32oz $39.99

Value Size





AIM Lube 16oz $26.99

Adjustable Sprayer


AIM Lube 4oz $12.99

Rugged Aluminum



AIM Lube 1oz $9.99

Needle Tip


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CNC Champion Lubricant

I applied your AIM lubricant to both my CNCs as soon as I returned home from work. After cutting 2 plaques on each machine there are still no squeaks. And I forgot about re-lubing. I usually apply Blaster Industrial Strength Silicone Lubricant... read more

Save the planet...and money. Switch to AIM Lube

This lubricant is amazing. You can use it practically anywhere. I've used it on my road bike, doors, locks, windows. On all of my cutting and drilling tools. And even to keep my Ninja smoothie maker running like new. Love the fact it is so ... read more

Reliable and Proven

Best Penetrating Lubricant Since Day 1
The automotive and marine industries are quickly coming to realize they can’t even open their doors without AIM. Literally. From door to automotive to marine applications AIM is #1 with a bullet.
Industrial Customers
Lubrication is an expensive proposition for manufacturers and industry. Amtrak has discovered the benefits of AIM and are now using it exclusively in facilities where it has been introduced as are many others.
OEM Customers
Companies like Sector 9 Skateboards, Hobie Cat, Goat Tuff, and others were so impressed with AIM and the PlanetSafe lubricant line they worked with us to create products for their customers. Now our OEM customers have the #1 lubricant in each of their specific markets.

Extreme Temperatures

Tested from below -40 degrees in the oilfields of Canada’s north to desert conditions in Utah. AIM loves heat and does not gum up in cold and damp or wet weather.


AIM penetrates micro-spaces. It breaks loose rusted and corroded bolts and nuts. It loves heat. Take a torch to a bolt and AIM will work significantly faster.

Lubricates Moving Parts

Bearings, hinges, wheels, rollers, chains, gears, blades, shears, latches, heavy equipment, any metal-on-metal moving parts. Our bonding action provides a longer lasting result.

Drilling, Tapping, & Threading

You can blend AIM with your current cnc fluid or just use it straight up. Either way you will increase tool life, cut faster, and have a smoother finish.

Cleans and Protects Surfaces

AIM cleans surfaces of hardened grease and dirt. Great for keeping your work benches and equipment clean. Remember…NO SMELL

Biosynthetic Active Ingredient

What makes AIM so damn good at so many things? It isn’t magic. It’s science. We’ve developed a Nano particle that forms an ionic bond to metal and it loves heat. Most every other product on the market runs away from heat.
Are you looking for a challenge?

Are you looking for a challenge?

Try AIM Lube on your next job. You'll be glad you did!

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